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Change category image thumbnails to title text

I'm working with Fancy Product Designer v3.9.5 and when I create categories and assign products to categories I get thumbnails of products. What I am trying to achieve is replace those thumbnails with titles of products. 

I allready searched for code that I could change but unfortunally no success. I was also looking if there is an option in settings but no such luck..


The easiest option is to upload images with text so actually an image will be loaded but a text will be shown. You can also change the amount of elements within a row to one so you'll get a list

That doesnt sounds like good solution for me becouse I have allmost 100 products... Well I'll keep trying to crack the code

If you want to pay for this customization you can also hire us through www.fancyproductdesigner.com/customization-request 

I have a lot of products too, this feature would be very good, it would help a lot.

sorry this feature is currently not supported. If you would like to see it in a future update, please create a new idea in the "Feature Request" forum. The more people agree with you, that we should add the feature you are looking for, the more quickly we are going to implement it, thank you.

Miran, i realized that I managed to put names instead of figures in the model options by category. Could you say how you did it?

I saw it on your website page.https://mobimania.si/trgovina/monogram-marmor-a/does anyone have any similar solution?

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