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Possibility to restrict text font and text color per product (in customer added text layers)?


We have a question regarding the possibility to restrict text font and text color per product.


We have different products and product categories. For some, all defined fonts under "Fonts" are applicable. But for some products, not all these fonts are suitable (e.g. too small, too stylized etc.). Is there an option to restrict the user from using certain fonts per product? E.g. so can only use font A, C and F out of the defined fonts A-Z?

Text Color:

Basically the same question for text colors. We have certain products (e.g. shirts), where we can print with a DTG printer and therefore all avaliable colors are fine. But for some product, we can only plot, so it should be possible to restrict the text colors for these products to only the colors we have available as foils. Is this somehow possible?

I know, at least the color one is possible, if we add a text layer from the beginning and disable the "add text" option, but we don't want that. We want the client to be able to add their own text, but just restrict him on certain fonts and colors for certain products.

Thanks for your replies.


yes, you can choose different available fonts as well as text colors for each product in individual product settings (meta box on the right in your WooCommerce product)

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