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is there a Fpd code for categories?


is there a short code for designs categories?

after a user click on one of my main  design categories i want the other main categories show up on the next page as well.



You can create shortcodes going to -> fancy product designer and on the right upper corner is a button "shortcode". BY clicking on it you can create any shortcode you like. the one for designs is: [fpd_module type="designs"]

is there a shortcode or text/link for 1 click back to design home/main categories?

Do you have images of what you would like to achieve? Usually the design categories will show within the canvas or on the same page using shortcodes. 


you see it took me 3 steps to get to the picture attached .. i just want to have 1 click on the Choose from categories and go back to my 1 step instead of click it twice.

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