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Redesign UI for better user experience

Feature Requests PLEASE :

1.  Allow the Action Icons to be moved OFF canvas.  The action icons currently cover parts of the design and would be best if able to move them left of canvas.  

2.  Create a more user friendly and aesthetically pleasing UI (similar to Canva.com, PicMonkey.com, BeFunky.com, Shutterfly photo editor) , simplied and larger icons, more stylish look :)

3.  BIG FEATURE REQUEST:  considering changing the way templates are currently created in the backend to instead be created from something similar to  front end of tool using built in shapes, lines, uploaded images, texts and categories and then saved as a template file (like lumise.com).  For categories, think digital - social posts, facebook covers, instagram etc. 


Point 1 is already possible, you can use shortcodes to display actions anywhere in your site.

I was able to get the action bar to fly off canvas with some simple "POSITION" CSS Code it works for both desktop and mobile. 

Fancy product builder gives you your foundation but its going to require a lot of css and back end coding to get the builder to look how you would like. 


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