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working font style buttons for print ready exports

At this moment style buttons for font don't work for print-ready export files. The customer needs to choose the font and its style from drop down menu. So for example in dropdown menu I have to put Arial Regular, Arial Italic, Arial Bold, Arial Bold Italic etc. 

This is not how it should work. Customer should choose the font family and then use italic, bold style button. Like it is in word interface or any other text editor.

We need a way of making the styling buttons choose the appropriate font styles instead of the customer having to use the font dropdown.

Also it would be cool if the font style could be implemented to just a part of a text not the whole text box - for example if I would highlight just a one word, make it bold or italic in the middle of the paragraph. 

Any chance to work on this?


Exactly what I'm saying:

"If you are allowing styles like Italic and Bold in the product designer, you also need to upload the TTF files for bold and italic into your fonts directory, when using custom fonts. So e.g. your regular font file in the fpd_fonts folder is Crimes.ttf, then you need to upload the styles for bold and italic in the fpd_fonts folder and name these files Crimes__italic.tff and Crimes__bold.ttf."

User can't choose Crimes font from dropdown menu and than makes it italic using style button. User need to choose Crime_italic font from dropdown menu. Font style buttons doesn't work. In dropdown menu I will have Crimes_Regular, Crimes_Italic, Crimes_Bold, Crimes_Bold_Italic- where I should have only Crimes. The only styling button that works right now is underline.



Please request this feature in https://support.fancyproductdesigner.com/support/discussions/forums/5000217737 so we can keep this change in mind for further updates. If this is a function you need for sure and can't wait you can also hire us through our website to do it for you on www.fancyproductdesigner.com/customization-request 


Actually I thought I posted this in "feature request" section :) Now I can see I posted it in general forum. Fixed it.



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