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Question on Licensing.


I am planning to buy your product and have a question regarding the license. I know there are lots of discussions about License but I am little confused and I don't want to make a mistake before I make the purchase.

Hope you understand. Here are the questions.

1. I will be using your Fancy Product designer for selling customized products like T-shirts, Mugs, Caps etc. Which License do I need? 

2. I will have atleast 10 customizing products (T-shirts, Mugs, Caps, Key chains etc) that I will sell in the website. Is one license sufficient for all the products? 

3. I am going to start developing my website on Wordpress. I see your plugin is available only till Wordpress 4.9X. But my website runs on Wordpress  5.0.2. Does your plugin support latest wordpress version?

4. I will start development on a test domain and move the code to the actual domain later on once the development/testing is completed. Can I transfer the license to the Live website later on?




The regular license is fine for that. It also supports the latest wp version and you can start developing locally and then move online with the license.

Perfect. Thank you.

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