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Disable scrolling on image resize on Mobile view

Hello guys, 

I have a bounding box where an image can be uploaded. Once the image is uploaded it can be resized.

If you try to resize it on mobile view (tested on iPhone X and iPhone 7) the screen scrolls up and down as you zoom in or out.

Any idea on how to disable the scrolling once the resize button is clicked? 

I tried something like this with jquery but with no luck:



let blockMenuHeaderScroll = false;

$(window).on('touchstart', (e) => {

if ($(e.target).closest('#fpd').length === 1) {

blockMenuHeaderScroll = true;



$(window).on('touchend', () => {

blockMenuHeaderScroll = false;


$(window).on('touchmove', (e) => {

if (blockMenuHeaderScroll) {






Please open a support ticket so we can have a closer look at this.

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