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Old orders taking up a lot of space in DB

After 1 year of using FPD actively, our MySQL-database is over 3GB (!) of FPD-data. All the design details of every view made is stored in "woocommerce_order_itemmeta". This is in turn causing a lot of problems with other plugins and database-backups. 

Can you make is so data is cleared after a given time interval, perhaps every 2-3 months?

Everyone here with many orders will get serious problems with this eventually. We just had a crash and lost a couple of orders because of this issue, and spent a day getting back on track. Right now we have to struggle with MySQL-commands to clear this data, or delete the orders entirely, which makes us lose all our statistics. 

This is also requested here: https://support.fancyproductdesigner.com/support/discussions/topics/13000021221



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I have the same problem. I was hoping to solve that one as well...

If anyone has the solution to the problem I will appreciate sharing. Thanks 

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