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Hi Team

I believe its a common practice that while designing certain products there are Sides, margins, etc which we need to add but since these margins are for the purpose of designing and printing. I wanted to know is there a way to hide them in Preview Option. Let me explain with an example.

Please visit https://www.dailyobjects.com/custom-cases/apple/iphone-x/custom-iphone-x-cases/slim

You can see that while designing it shows "Sides".

But when you will click on Live Preview, it will show how the final product will look like.

The same thing is required for Mugs, which can be seen here https://www.vistaprint.in/studio.aspx?project_id=8789185d-0b78-4f00-8f6f-49e0e3db95d3&ag=True

So i wanted to how can i achieve this, maybe not as perfect but atleast i should be able to add a layer which is only visible in Preview, this way i can kindof use a png layer to hide sides and other margins by placing a white Png on top (similar to your workaround for custom masks)

I am using your wordpress plugin.

Thank you in advance


If you sell only one product you could use a workaround and use a white png with a transparent center as custom watermark so the sides will be overlaid. 

Otherwise you need to open a customization request on our website https://fancyproductdesigner.com/customization-request/ and pay for this feature. 

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