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I'm not so good in coding, can you give me a short code example how I can work with the FancyProductDesignerView Class??

Using the jQuery Plugin.

I want to set a mask to a user uploaded image in javascript. Its no problem to work with the FancyProductDesigner Class, but I have no idea how I can work with the view.

Please help me. :)

Thanks a lot!!


Please have a look in our API https://jquerydoc.fancyproductdesigner.com/classes/FancyProductDesigner.html to see how it's done. This is a basis coding question and we can't explain you how to code in general.

ok ...

I was hoping that you can give me a short example.

Maybe there is anyone else here in the forum who can give me a code-example. It have not be to set a mask, maybe another code-snippet ...

Thank you!!!

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