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Customization Required functionality only for variations with FPD

I think there is some misunderstanding in my previous request. If you have Customization Required set to yes, variations with an FPD product have the Customize button and no Add To Cart button. This is good, makes sense. If you select a variation without and FPD product, the Customize button disappears. This is as you mentioned and is good. However, for that variation without the FPD product, the Add to Cart button is still gone. So there is no way to buy this particular variation. So I am requesting that the functionality of Customization Required only apply for product variations that have and FPD assigned.

Do you have an example link to your store, because in my theme the "Add-to-cart" button is disabled when you do not select a variation.

It looks like my previous reply didn't post. I have an example:


For the first two variation options you can select any.

For Design Options, please select "Use Our Free Online Design Tool". With Customization Required on, this functional as we would like with the Add to Cart button hidden.

Now select either of the other two options in Design Options. These do not have a FPD assigned because they don't need require it. As you can see, the Add to Cart button is still gone. This is obviously bad because nobody can actually order them.

If I set Customization Required to off then the Add to Cart button is visible for all, which we don't want either because we don't want it for the "Use Our Free Online Design Tool" variations.


Actually the problem is that you also enabled "Customization Required", this will enable the add-to-cart button until the product in the designer is customized. In order to display the add-to-cart button in your case, you need to disable this option.

I understand that, but that activates the Add to Cart button for all variations. The problem with that is anyone can select the the "Use Our Free Online Design Tool" product variation, never even open the designer, and just add to cart. Obviously we hope nobody does that but it is far from ideal. That is why I have said that the Customization Required functionality should only be applied to product variations that require customization.

I have disabled Customization Required so you can see what I mean. Same product link will show it: https://www.signprovisions.com/product/24-x-30-posters/

So far we didnt notice anyone else requiring it so this function is not on our bucket list. If you need to get it done and want to pay for it please open a customization request on our website https://fancyproductdesigner.com/customization-request/

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