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Free Product Templates?

I bought fancy product designer for Wordpress and notice that you can import templates.  Is there a website or link to products people have already created and made available to download for others to use?  We are going to use the designer strictly for different types of apparel.  Please let me know here or email me at reinfalldesign@gmail.com.  Thanks in advance.


no there isn't such a website. You can click on "download demo" in the fancy product designer to see some demo products. Within the next weeks we will also provide a variety of quality mock up's for different types of products to download. Some are free and some will cost a few dollar. 

Also if you need graphics for your product you can open a customization request and we can create the images for you for a fair price.

Is there not a way of buying one template instead of buying loads we will never need or use.

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