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Multistep customizalble duo tone shirt


After seeing this demo, http://preview.codecanyon.net/item/multistep-product-configurator-for-woocommerce-/full_screen_preview/8749384?_ga=2.78408658.770574129.1543223875-480714731.1543223875 we would like to change our current duotone setup. All the duotone shirts will be added like in the demo, we can change the hoodie black for hoody black/blue and change the image to a black and blue hoodie, thus far i get it.

How ever! I want to take it one step further and make these added duo tone shirts customizable, i see the option in a multistep product variation called 

Fancy Product Designer - Product
Changes the product in the Product Designer when a variation is selected.

Does this mean that for every customizable duo tone shirt i have to make a second one with the product builder in order to make it customizable ? This would mean that if i add 10 hoodies, i have to add 20, 10 in the variations with prices and images and 10 in the product builder right ?


You can also use one shirt example and set a replace value to the layer you want to be replaced using WooCommerce attributes.

If you need help setting it up you can do a customization request on our website.

Hi Radykal,

Regarding " If you need help setting it up you can do a customization request on our website." 

What are the cost of this ?

You can ask for it in the customization request. 

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