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Keep added images / text when switching view ?


I created a product with several views. They all have the same layers. I'd like to be able to keep uploaded / created images and texts when switching to a new view. That means, users creates stuff on view A, then want to see how it would render on view B, but when clicking on view B everything disappeats, so he has to upload / create again, which is painful .

Is there a way to achieve this ? 


do you want to replace image you provide as "designs" or any images of your customers?

Also do you want only one image to be replaced or does your customer have the option to upload several images?

Hi, my customer can upload images and texts. Let's say he uploads 1 img and a text, I'd like these 2 elements to stay in place when he switches products. Like this, he'll be able to see how it would render on both variants.



If you want images to be replaced in all views go to Fancy product Designer -> settings -> element properties -> custom images and designs -> replace images in all views. 

If you link some fancy products to one Woocommerce product and enable the module "products" in the UI Composer your customers can switch between products keeping their designs. 

Therefor go to Fancy product Desginer -> settings -> general -> modules -> products and enable "replace initital elements".

I'll try that, thanks :)

This didn't work for me, did it work for you sylzys?

This didnt work for me either. 

Please open a support ticket so we can have a closer look at your issue. 

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