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Designs options not being correctly implemented

Hi, I am trying to set options for the Designs as you can see in the attached screenshot.

The problem is that on the frontend the Designs are still Movable and Resizeable when they should only be Deletable and have the Advanced Editing enabled.

The only thing that works is if I set all the option to NO then no options appear on the Frontend and the Design stays in its place.

I have disabled all caching and cloudflare as well but the settings are not taking effect as they should... Can you please help?


Did you also check the designs settings on WooCommerce Designs itself?

No, I just checked the Enable Options by clicking on the Edit Category Options for the whole category

Did you also check the designs settings on WooCommerce Designs itself?

Just so I am sure... can you explain where the above option that you mention is located, so I can double check?

Could you perhaps clarify what you mean by "designs settings on WooCommerce Designs" I can double check?

go to Fancy Product Designer -> Designs -> Choose a design -> Edit category options

Please see the following screenshot... The problem is still there even after I have correctly set the options and saved


Could it be because of a conflict with these settings?


I think I have found the issue of the conflict as explained in this screenshot https://1drv.ms/u/s!AhdPbL-zV9pclTviW_E-S9gMvSHI 

I have also checked on a test server and on certain design categories the category options take affect while on others they take partial affect and on some it doesn't take affect at all.

Maybe you can also check whether you've set settings for your designs in

Fancy Product Designer -> Designs -> Choose a design -> Click on "Options" of each design image. These settings are the most important ones. 

The single design images have the individual options disabled as you can see here https://1drv.ms/u/s!AhdPbL-zV9pclT3dY8sLa4_b3nwA 

okay. Glad you figured it out though. If you still have problems please open a support ticket so we can have a closer look at it. 

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