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Glitch when selecting colors

 I am experiencing a glitch that I believe is hurting my sales that I cant seem to figure out. I use the fancy product designer so customers can create "color proofs" of pre-designed products. When I select which color to choose say it is "Color 1" when i hover over the colors to select a color, the page will jump to the top of the page and wont let me choose my color. The only way I have found to remedy this, is to zoom out on the page far enough where the scroll bar will be at the top and when i select a color it wont be able to jump. Obviously this isn't something most people have the patience to figure out. Does anyone have any suggestions? Here is a link to one of my product pages. https://derbyidentity.com/product/incognito-series-demolition-derby-roof-sign/


Please open a support ticket so we can help you with this issue.

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