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install error

when I try to activate the plugin I receive this error
Fatal error: Arrays are not allowed in class constants in /web/htdocs/www........com/home/x1/wp-content/plugins/fancy-product-designer/inc/class-install.php on line 12

Please use PHP 5.6 or higher. Change that in your server settings or ask your provider to do that.

Hello rady kal,

I installed FPD in local and testing and preparing everything.. now instead of migrate I re-started installation on Server because really I did too much tests.

I have PHP 7.4 and I can install the add-ons plugin but not the FPD plugin.. It gives at the end some server error that I could not find why. But really I installed everything from my old configuration except the FPD.

Anyway I tried to install it by copy the folder in the server.. and it works all except the Settings page.. it does not show nothing. Its posible some file missing or corrupted or something?

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