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Auto Start Guided Tour

Is there  way to "auto-start" ht e guided tour when customizer is loaded rather than the user having to click on the compass icon?

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This is already included, but once you close the guided tour, it will not come up anymore. Try that another browser and maybe clear your cache then you will see it.

Thanks radykal.  It does work in the Firefox and Edge browsers but not in Google Chrome.  What can be doe to make it work in Chrome?

It should work in Chrome as well. If you closed it once, it won't show again in the browser. You can only view it again using another device and opening it in Chrome or delete all Cookies in your browser.

O.K. Clearing cookies in the chrome browser worked but how is the average end user supposed to know that.  It opens every time in other browsers.  Can that not be made to happen in the Chrome browser as well?

We did it on purpose. Usually if a user opens the website and uses the customizer he understands what to do so it doesn't bother people to view the guided tour again and again while opening it. In the other browsers it should behave the same except if you browse in private mode which you seem to do. 

You can add the action guided tour to your UI Layout so if users click it, the guided tour will show again. 

Hmmm.  O.K. Thanks.

Where do I turn on this function?

In Fancy product Designer -> UI Composer -> Guided tour

Sorry, was a bit unclear, ment: where do I toggle the autostart?

In UI Composer -> Action you have to drag "Guided Tour" in to any area of the current UI

Does the "guided tour" start automatically on load then?

if you open the website for the first time, yes. If you revisit the site only when the button "guided tour" is clicked.

In UI Composer -> Action, drag the Guided Tour button to WHERE?


yes, thats correct but now you've inserted it twice. Please remove one of the guided tours. It doesn't matter to which are you place it within the dropzone.

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