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Fancy Product Designer | jQuery with create-react-app - ReactJS

 Hi there,

I am planning to use your product with a React JS app.

Would it work well with it? Have anyone done it before?



Yes I am working with react as well in my ADMIN solution.

If possible, could I have a look pls?


No, sorry. I can't share my code. 

I mean to have a look at the final product, not the code. is that possible? Thanks

You can log in the Admin solution to see it working but as said earlier, you can't have a look at the code. 

is product designer available in reactjs.

you can embed it. Our plugin is written in javascript in some parts

Hi Rady,

Is there any documentation or sample code to view for using the plugin with ReactJS. 

No, there is no documentation for that. 

How to find ReactJS plugin. Plz share URL

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