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Option to Revert to old Product Builder

I've had several clients complain about the new product builder in 3.9.0.

Any chance there could be a configuration option to continue to utilize the previous variation?

No, if you have problems with the new product builder, please open a ticket and explain the issues.

We were running a beta stage with the new product builder and everyone was happy with the new layout.

@radykal I opened a ticket yesterday and was told to post this here. So which is it?

Ok "everyone" is obviously not as I have clients who prefer the previous layout. If your not planning to offer my suggested feature that is fine, but your responses are crude to a paying customer. Thank you for your time.


What is your ticket ID? If you find bugs in the product builder actually the support team will communicate that with the developers.

If you just prefer the old layout, the support team will tell you to open a feature request. But this will not happen. The new layout is much more user-friendly than the older one.

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