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Duo tone multiple views


When i try to create a shirt with multiple views and duo tone (middle piece and sleeves different colors), only the first view gets the duo tone and the other ones don't get these color options. How do i create a product with multiple views when the views have multiple color layers? Can these colors also be linked so when i change the color of the middle part it changes on the back side view as well? If you want to see the current working product that has only one view you can use this link: https://www.shirt-discounter.nl/winkel/clothing/t-shirts/test/?customize


In your example i don't see a second view. You need to create another view and add a value in the color link group (The same value for each parts that should get the same color.)

Thank you Radykal,

I overlooked the color link group, it works like a charm now.

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