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Text area size


We recently updated to FPD versionĀ 3.8.6 and are now facing a strange problem with the text area's.

When a customer creates his custom shirt and adds text to it, the text area borders will sometimes be bigger or smaller as the text (see image). We can also reproduce the problem with the BlackOpsOne-Regular font. This can be done by making a text area with this font and typing testestestestestest. This will result in a text area border that is too small. However when you replace this text with tttttttttt it will be too big.

Could you tell us if there is a config wrong in our setup or else can this be reverted to the old way where the text area border fits around the text?

sd2.PNG sd2.PNG
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sd1.PNG sd1.PNG
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This is an issues caused by fabric js. Please either update to FPD version 3.8.7 (recommended) or go to settings -> advanced -> troubleshooting -> Test: Fabric JS Version 1.6.7

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