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FPD updates not updated on Wordpress via Envato Plugin


FPD updates 3.8.5, 3.8.6 and 3.8.7. are not updated automatically on Wordpress via my Envato Plugin.

My API connection is working well.

I am still stuck with FPD version 3.4.81.

Appreciate your help here.

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the same goes for me. Automatic updates or even via the plugin do not work anymore.

You have to uninstall the FPD each time and install the new version from external.

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This is not acceptable. There is an issue with integration and the FPD developer must resolve it. Lately, this is happening for other Envato plugins too, and developers are resolving them. Wordpress plugins must always have automatic updates. Manual update is very disruptive and carry great risks of technical errors. Please I need a reply and solution from FPD about this. Best regards, Nealda

The Envato Market plugin does not update plugins/themes automatically, but it shows when an new update is available and you can easily update/install via one-click.

@Christian Yes when you want to use Envato Market plugin, you first have to uninstall and then install via the envato market plugin. After that updating works via envato market plugin.

Hi, I deactivated and deleted the plugin via Wordpress, and re-installed via Envato plugin.

I now have the latest version 3.8.7.

It was scary but everything seems to be working well, and my settings are intact.

Suggest in future to have automatic update via Wordpress.

Many thanks for all your help.

Best regards,


In order to perform the upgrade, when I deactivate the FPD in worldpress and click on "delete". A message says "do you want to delete FPD and its data" on this second point "its data" I stop as I believe it deletes all existing configuration and products. Is this correct?

This is normal. Your data won't be deleated. 

You have deactivate and delete the plugin and accepting the message "that FPD and all its data" will be deleated. Afterwards you can upload the newest version of the plugin and the products you already set up will still be there. 

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