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Show and filter categories on swapping products


Is it possible to fill the element hidden called fpd-product-categories in order to see all category fancy products in the selected category?

I want to "filter" my products by category before my users start their design...

Thank you

unfortunately i don't understand your question. Could you please describe what you want the user to see at first?

Thank you for your answer... Sorry, I just read my post again and it was badly explained.

I want my users could select a category before they could select a product. This is like: first select model, and later select product to design that product.

I found that html element in the code... I was wondering if that element could help me to achieve that: fill that select box with "models" and let my users pick one model and dinamically show all products from that model.

Is this possible?

Do you understand my question? Look the screenshot I attached and you figure it out what I really mean...

Thank you I finally understood my own question. 

Thanks for this awesome plugin  


If you use the Wordpress/WooCommerce version you can use Multistep Product Configurator for that. No need to customize your code. 


@Daniel Ruiz, have you find the solution to display "filter" about products by category  on the "swap" part?

I hope my question is good...

Thank you very much 

Yes, I finally did it!

You can take a look: https://silentyco.com/producto/funda-personalizada/

Thank you for your answer.

It's very good job.

But that is possible with the configuration basic of FPD or is it a developpment additional ?

I want just give possibilty of choose a category then choose products of this category (see my file), but I don't find this option.



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