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edit view feature not responsive


I have been able to utilise the edit view feature for customers that want to enter a custom size. However, if the customer enter


s lets say 30" by 40", the customer has to scroll down a long way in order to see the bottom of the image. this makes it hard for the customer to resize the photo and also get a general view of the image as it fills the entire FPD layout. Is there a way to scale the uploaded image so that it occupies only a certain part of the FDP layout (An image holder should by changing in width and height instead of the whole FPD UI).  See attached screenshot - notice the yellow background which is part of the area the image is still supposed to cover. ( Meaning I still have to stretch the image more) I have only been able to see the complete image by scaling my window to 67%.




Please request this option in our forum "feature request" so we have the changes in mind and can implement it. 

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