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Trying to decide if this will suit client requirement

Hi all,

I have a client who does custom engraving on a limited number of products with very few options.  He wants customers to be able to enter text in each of 4 bounding boxes.  Each box has a preset position (customer should not be able to move it) and the text should be centered vertically and horizontally in the box automatically (customer should not be able to drag it out of center.)  Customer should be able to select the font for each box.  Ideally, customer would be able to adjust the horizontal spacing of the text within a bounding box.  In addition he wants customer to be able to either select one design from a gallery of images (I think Fancy Product Designer calls them designs) or upload their own image, or choose no image at all.  Again, this would be centered in a predefined bounding box.

Is it possible for Fancy Product Designer to be configured this way, to work with WooCommerce?

Also, is it possible for the customer to select from a preset list of layouts?  In addition to the layout above, there is another one, which only has 3 bounding boxes of text instead of 4, and the top box is larger than the others.

Thank you!

Could you please show a photo with an example product? If you only want the customer to be able to insert text in a bounding you can also use text boxes with a specific width.

Sure.  Please see below.  You can see that it's important for the text position to be fixed.  If the website visitor can move things around, it won't work.

Thank you!



Yes thats possible. The plugin allows to define if an object can be moved, scaled, rotated etc..

Check out the admin demo: http://demo.fancyproductdesigner.com/

Thanks for your quick reply.  Apologies for my slower one. I've been using the admin demo as you suggested.

One quick question - I've read that there is a Letter Spacing option in the Text tool, and I think I have seen it in one of the demo gifs.  However when I create my own product designer in the admin demo, it does not show up as something that can be changed by the user.

Thank you!


by clicking on the font size number a menu will open. The bottom line is for letter spacing. 

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