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How to install Fancy Product Designer Plus Add-On?


I have purchased Fancy Product Designer and Fancy Product Designer Plus Add-On plugin. I have installed Fancy Product Designer plugin but i can't install Fancy Product Designer Plus Add-On plugin. please help me how to install that plugin.

Thank you


Installing the plus add on works similar to installing the Fancy Product Designer. 

After installing the plus Add On you won't see an own tab in the sidebar though. You know if the plugin is installed by p.e. having a look in the individual product settings of a woocommerce product. There should be added a "plus" tab.

Plus.png Plus.png
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I just bought the Plus Add-On but when I upload the .zip folder in WordPress, it doesn't work. Do I really have to pay another $20 to have Envado install the plugin for me? That would be ridiculous!!

@Tyler If you have issue installing the plugin, please create support ticket, so you can share your login credentials.

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