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Color Link Group in Predefined Designs

I would like to know how to define the same color link group for all predesigned designs.
I dont know how to do it. 

If I put all hexacolors in one design option and give it a name then if I put the same name in color link group box in another design, colors dont appear.


Do you have one product in the product builder? You only need to define the colors in the element of the product builder. Then you can set a color link group between this element and the category options of the designs and it will change colors. 


But I dont want to define colors in all products. 

I would like define a Color link Group named "VinylColors"  with #FFFFFF,#202020,#d06626,#9a1e1b,#273c9b,#A2D1ED,#508632,#c98a9d,#be006a,#ff01b4,#e9fe02,#0dff01,#806e3c,#b8bcbc

And set this color link group to all designs categories.

Is it necesary define the colors and color link group name in Product Builder?


What element of the product builder needs to be defined the colors?


Im using a path to delimite box of upload designs and it can't be defined with a color link group.


You don't need to connect it with an element in the product builder. You can insert the colors in the design category section in Color(s) instead of color link group

Yes, of course, but if I have a lot of designs I have to copy the colors in all of them.
If I use a Color link group and I need to add a new color, I only have to add the color once.
So, what can I do? Thank you very much.

... If I have a lot of categories...

In this case you need one element in your Product where you define the color link group. This is the only way color link groups can be used in designs.

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