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Curved Text Jumbled Mess


I'm new here and have spent the last few days messing around with the plugin. But whenever I try to use the Curved Text tool my letters become a jumbled mess like this:


Is this a bug?


Try to set radius high and spacing low.

Hello, I have the same problem.

even if the user uses a radius high and spacing low it doesn't work. if I set 400 for radius by default in the administrator panel (Element properties / custo text) it's fine but the value goes back to 200 if the user touches it.

we would say that the values between the back office and the front office are different (it's the same for font size)

you can try it here : https://cotentincreation.fr/wip/decolaser/boutique/gravure-bois/planche/

Please open a support ticket on our website, so we can have a closer look at your issue.  

I have the same problem.  No matter what I set the radius to be in the backend, when the user changes it it goes back to the max of 200.  Can you update the max radius to be 400-500 or something?

same problem. is there a fix??? 

how is it possible to get a value over 200?? 

The settings that work for me for Curved Text are:

Default font size: 18

Minimum font size: 8

Maximum font size: 200 (the text slider seems to crash the browser any larger than this)

Curve spacing: 15

Curve radius: 120

I need a large font size (260). I increased the radius (in the settings) to 350 and now the text looks great. The problem, however, when you change the text (in the frontend) as a user can no longer take a value of over 200. So how do you adjust the maximum value of 200 for the radius?


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