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Text Pattern for views

Is there a way to load a text pattern in views? I see that the text color can be set. But it won't let me pick the patterns that I loaded. I can go to the product on the front end and apply the pattern to the text from there. But, I want it to automatically load with the pattern already applied to it so that a customer doesn't have to manually apply it.

Any help is appreciated :)


That's not possible unfortunately. Patterns can only be set and seen in the frontend. 

Thanks. Can I add this as a feature request? I would be great if this were possible as my customer will not know they need to add the pattern for the text. 

currently we are not available for any custom job. But we have a partnership with an external company that offers WordPress experts from just $29 per hour. I am sure they can help you with your concern.


Any chance of this being implemented these days?

no, unfortunately its not possible. 

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