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To gain speed with my site, I had abandoned the WPML which slowed down enormously. I am currently creating a multisite for my 2 languages (English and French) and I was wondering if your plugin worked in multisite.

Thank you in advance,

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Did you get an answer, I have the same concern before buying?



Yes, our plugin is compatible with multisite.

In relation to this does with muiltisite, will sub folders work?

yes, it works.

Thanks but I think I phrased my question incorrectly.

Does the Fancy Product Admin work with multisite.

Also I've deleted the Admin plugin from my website and trying to set it up on the same domain for a different site but It says I can't because 

("There is already a site connected with this domain. Please enter a different domain or use the existing connected site!"

Thought it might be a cache issue but its been 24hours and still cant set it up.

How can I fix this?


Sorry, currently ADMIN is not working with multisites, you can only connect one top-level domain.

I don't have the Admin plugin installed anymore but still can't connect the new site.

It seems to think it still connected for some reason.

Please open a support ticket on our website, so we can have a closer look at your issue.  

Thanks for a great product! Will the Admin plugin support multisite in the future?

no, it won't. 

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