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Z-Index Issue [Help]

Hello everyone!

I would like to ask for help or ask some questions if this is possible.

I provided a set of images of what i would like to achieve.

I am aware that every time I upload an image it will set to be the topmost position of among the other elements.


That's become problematic in my case because I would like to set the guide (border-lines) as the topmost position no matter what.

Here is the image what I wanted to achieve every time I upload an image



I hope someone could help me. Thank you!


If i understand properly what you will need is to enable "stay on top" option from the modification tab in the product layer. 

This will make the frame stay on top of any element added to the product no matter what.

Hi Bahati!

Thanks for your answer. How do i achieve that "stay on top" on the product layer?

I have safety-line and trim area layers separately. Is there a way that I could set this two layers (safety-line and trim area) be always on top?



Whenever I upload an image it gets behind that image. See image below.


Though, it can be fix by simply clicking the move down button twice so the uploaded image gets behind the safety-line and trim area layer. See image below.


But I don't want it to do it manually. I hope I address my problem clearly. Please help. Thanks!

Click on your fancy product -> open the view with the required layer that you would like to stay on top -> click on the element you would like to stay on top -> click on modifications -> enable stay on top and save your changes. 

Hi radykal!

I can't seem to find that option. Please provide me some walkthrough or screenshot. Thanks!

Where is that stay on top option?

Im using the jquery plugin

Hi. I see the solution now. I set the parameters to topped:true. thanks!

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