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Image Size Tooltip - Display centimeters

I would like to see cm's instead of pixels when using the Image Size tooltip as I am working with large SVG images - I'd like users to determine sizes in cm's.  Appreciate this will require some sort of add-on script.  Wonder if anyone else has been able to achieve this or can make any suggestions. Thank you.


this is not possible in the backend as it depends not only on the size in cm but also on the dpi. You can use calculators such as http://www.pixelrechner.ch/ (Language german, but there are also lots of websites in english available) in order to get to know the required pixelsize. 

Depending on what you would like to get you can predefine some sizes for your users in cm so they don't have to deal with pixel.

We would also like this feature to be added. It has been a while since your comment that it wasn't possible, have things changed in the meantime that would make it possible now? 

I believe that it shouldn't be too hard if you determine a product/canvas size in cm's? 

For example if you have a piece of clothing and you set the printable area size to 60x40 cm's, it shouldn't be to hard to have a tooltip that can calculate the image/text size placed in the print area right?

I have seen it with one of our competitors. They even calculate the price according to the size of the placed image. 

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