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Remove text on click

Hello, I have text areas in the product stage designer, it has placeholder text, I wanted to figure out how can I remove the placeholder text on single click instead of having to double click to select all then delete it manually.

I tried to do some coding but I am not very good with javascript, My issue is how to get the existing canvas element then edit it 

Currently I have something like this but I get error undefined stage 


stage.on("text:editing:entered", clearText);

function clearText(e) {
  if (e.target.type === "i-text") {
    if (e.target.text === "Tap and Type") {
      e.target.text = "";


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I have the same issues and I'm also trying to solve the same problem.

Biggest drama is that if you use your above example then everytime someone clicks the text box then the field gets cleared which is not ideal for most applications.

If I get anywhere Ill let you know.

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