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display designs module only if certain product is selected

Wondering if there is a way to conditionally display the designs module in the UI if a given FPD product is selected.  I have a single woocommerce product with multiple FPD products in the FPD product module, but I only need to display the design module for a single product and only when it is selected.

Any ideas?  I looked around in the settings and forum but could not find anything.


Enable the design module and in the product Builder click on "edit view options" and disable design module for all required products. 

Is there a way to disable FPD for individual products?

If you don't connect a Fancy Product to your WooCommerce product FPD is automatically not enabled for those products.

I am runing through the same problem I have one single woocommerce  product, connected with more than one FPD through woocommerce produce variations. Problem is that I want to show design module when specific condition is selected in that FPD. Is it possible ?

no, thats not possible. 

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