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FPD layout not the same between Computer and Android

Can someone please help me figure out why my page at https://www.laserfied.com/product/oh-baby-cake-topper/ looks fine on the computer.  But is not correct on my android 9.0.  See the two screen shots below.  I have tried the foxfire browser and Samsung Internet browser on Galaxy S7.  Also, in the computer version I only have the designer module showing but in the android version it is showing all of the modules.  The letters are supposed to be transparent and they are on the computer (the cake image is a .png) but it is not transparent on the android.  And the .png image is the wrong size.




that's intentional, as there is less screenspace on phones the layout is changed - to make it usable. I can not replicate the other issue with wrong modules appearing but I can see the image transparency problem. Please open a support ticket, so that we can check on your product setup directly, send some login data, please.

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