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Custom height and width of the poster/canvas

Hi, we are building a website for posters and the posters don’t have a specific size. 

So the idea is for the customer to be able to set the height and width of the poster/canvas when they have uploaded their image.

Is this possible? 

Many thanks!

that is with the plugin as it is at the moment not possible.

Is there a plugin that can do this? I am at the same crossroad. I will like my customers to be able enter the canvas size they want thereby creating a bounding box that can clip the image similar to what we setup on the backend using the boundary box. I do not want to create over 1000 products for over 1000 canvas sizes. that will be ridiculous.

We added this feature in the new Plus Add On (Customers are able to choose any canvas size)

Permit me to say. You guys are doing a good job. Thanks for the added feature. Though it would have been more objective if customers can enter the width and height of the image they want. The width and height will be represented by a boundary box so that if the customer then uploads a random image from pixabay that he or she doesn't know the dimensions, that boundary box will do the cropping for the customer. The customer can the move the image around to determine what part he or she really wants to crop out. With this feature, you guys can open up the door for a more realistic pricing system where owners of the plugin can write simple javascript code that calculates pricing based onwidth, length, quantity etc. similar to the calculated form fields plugin

At this stage, lets say a customer is able to upload a random image from pixabay of say 9000x6600dpi (30inches by 22inches). and the customer wants a canvas print of 26inches by 20 inches, how do i know the part of the image that should be left out of the canvas print?

Please create a new ticket in "feature request" so we can have that in mind while developing.

Hello Radykal,

I have been able to utilise the edit view feature for customers that want to enter a custom size. However, if the customer enter 30" by 40", the customer has to scroll down a long way in order to see the bottom of the image. this makes it hard for the customer to resize the photo and also get a general view of the image as it fills the entire FPD layout. Is there a way to scale the uploaded image so that it occupies only a certain part of the FDP layout (An image holder should by changing in width and height instead of the whole FPD UI).  See attached screenshot - notice the yellow background which is part of the area the image is still supposed to cover. ( Meaning I still have to stretch the image more) I have only been able to see the complete image by scaling my window to 67%.



Please request this option in our forum "feature request" so we have the changes in mind and can implement it. 

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