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Add design window size

Hi all. When I try to add a design at the front end in FPD, the window that opens up is massive and completely covers the product designer - the designs run down the middle leaving loads of white space either side. Ideally I'd like the window to be much narrower and to the side so that the customers can see how the design options look as they click their way through them. Does anyone know if this is possible?

Many thanks



Hi Neil,

I think this is possible with some custom css added to your UI composer to reduce the white space and the size of the design section or the design popup box which shows when the user hovers over a design.



Hi Bahati, thanks for the reply. Now for the really big question - does anybody out there have the CSS to help me achieve this?

Hi Neil ,

I can help you with that if i can some free time this week email me here i need to have a look at your site first before writing any css.



Thanks Bahati, that's a welcome offer. Unfortunately I'm designing on a local server at the moment so I can't send a link just now. If I can get it online soon I'll be sure to get in touch.

Many thanks.


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