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Version 3.7.8 - new bugs?

A few bugs have been fixed, but new ones have emerged.


I do not know if I'm the only one, but since version 3.7.8 on my Chrome browser, the themes are no longer centered or aligned at the top and bottom.

I think the two icons are reversed. See image.

Does anybody have the same Problem?

I too am having this issue... When loading the UI the designs are misaligned. This was working fine in the previous version, 

Also - When creating a design using the "Curved Text" button - a customer is unable to save this change, normal text boxes and things work fine. But, if they change the information in a curved text field, it simply reverts to the default content.

Really getting frustrated.

Try to switch to fabrics.js version 1.6.7 in the settings, general tab.

Just set. Without success!

The two icons (actions) are reversed ... that's all

and ... when I switch to fabrics 2.+, I get a lot of loading errors, right down to a frozen screen. fabrics 2.+ is not ready to be used!

Should I list all here?


I'm also experiencing the same curved text problem as Phil G. The curved text wont get saved uppon ordering but the normal text will work correctly. Switching fabric versions didn't help. I've sent a ticket about this as well.

I haven't experienced any other issues though.

Just a quick update: This seems to be more general problem, I've asked the developer to check on it yesterday.


Has there been any progress on this? I know it's only been 3 days but we are seriously losing revenue because of this issue... Please let us know! 

There will be an update to fix this within the next 1.5-2 weeks. In the meantime, it should be possible to get around this by downgrading the plugin. If you do not have an older version, please contact support.

unfortunately, with the new update of FPD (version 3.7.91) the centering of motifs was ignored. I'm certainly not the only one who gets this problem displayed? That should be a small thing to fixxen ...

This issue still exists in Version 3.8.41. I have attempted both FabricJS Versions (1.6.7 and 2.+)

'Center Horizontally' centers vertically and 'Center Vertically' centers horizontally.

There was a misunderstanding regarding the icons. Will be solved in the next update. 

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