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FPD Custom page

How is possible to display FPD in a page like this?


I've been trying this for almost half a year with no luck ...

Can somebody please help.


Think it's possible with just the shortcodes [fpd]


That i allready tried, but only adds the customizer, i want do have that but the button do add the product and go to cart.

The other shortcut adds the name and email, and thats not i want to. The purpose is to have it like in the page link i send you.


FPD will not add a add to cart button

You will need to add the add to cart button using a short code or add a woo commerce hook.

I can recommend you to use WPBakery Page Builder and WooCommerce Single Product Page Builder to create a custom woo commerce page layout. I have tried it before and it works with FPD shortcodes.


Bahati Boniface


I use elementor pro and oceanwp on my site and changing everything does not make sense.

These existings shortcodes only place elements in a page, and are useless if can give a good experience to the final user.

Now, or you have Fancy Product Designer assigned to a Woocommerce product and you customize and add it to the cart and pay or if you want to assign it to a page you place the customizer with a shortcut and then your client as to fill the email adress again to procede with process of purchase.

This is bad SEO. The client leaves the page and never come back again.

To solve this you have to pay alot for someone to customize your page.

With lumise you have a Beatiful customized page, very user friedly and that will make your clients come again.

So, thanks for your feed back, but that does not solve nothing.

Its very strange that does not exist a simple solution for this issue.

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