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FPD Custom page

How is possible to display FPD in a page like this?


I've been trying this for almost half a year with no luck ...

Can somebody please help.


Think it's possible with just the shortcodes [fpd]


That i allready tried, but only adds the customizer, i want do have that but the button do add the product and go to cart.

The other shortcut adds the name and email, and thats not i want to. The purpose is to have it like in the page link i send you.


FPD will not add a add to cart button

You will need to add the add to cart button using a short code or add a woo commerce hook.

I can recommend you to use WPBakery Page Builder and WooCommerce Single Product Page Builder to create a custom woo commerce page layout. I have tried it before and it works with FPD shortcodes.


Bahati Boniface

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