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It would be useful to be able to delete all fancy product data from a particular order within the woocommerce order page. This will help to comply with GDPR and not storing unnecessary historical data. Currently I collect names and dates of birth on my personalised products (greeting cards). Once an order is completed it would be great to be able to easily delete all the data collected by FPD.

Thanks - Gerard

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As soon as you delete the order from your system, it will also delete the meta data for this order.

Hi radykal,

Yes, but you may not wish to delete the actual order from woocommerce for tax reasons. In Ireland for example, we have to keep tax records including details on online sales for six years. For this, I keep the order details which includes the customers details and what they purchased. There is no need to though to keep the fancy product data as part of the tax records. That is why it would be great to have a delete option on the order page which just deletes the FPD data. I hope that makes sense. God luck with the new mobile interface, it's a great start.

Regards - Gerard


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