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Change price structure of Product


First of all I would like to say thanks very much for this awesome plugin. I want to breakdown price of product.

For example

The normal price of product is $13.00

Fancy Product ADD TEXT element price is $14.00

When a user Add Text in product and Click on "Add to Cart" button . The price of product shows $27.00 ( 13+14), that is perfectly fine.

I want to breakdown price for users,  I want them to see the actual price of product which $13.00 and the Add text Element price which is $14.00 seperately and then subtotal.

Current price structure on website

[Product Name] - [Variation]
1 x $27.98
Subtotal :$27.98

New Price Structure

[Product Name]


[Actual Product Price]

[Facny Product Desinger element Text, Added by customer]

[Price of Text]

Subtotal :[Product price + Fancy Product Designer element price]

Please suggest how can I acheive this ? I have looked all the settings in the plugin but could not find it anywhere. If it can be acheived by custom coding, Which files do I need to edit and little guidelines would be helpful, I will pass it to my developer.



I have checked all the plugin settings, There is nothing like this over there :(



Disclaimer: i'm not just a FPD User 

Hi, Tell your developer that he/she can find the price functions in the fancyproductdesigner-all.js file and searching for keywords like "price" ,"totalPrice" or even "elementPrice" he/she will be able to add the functions you mentioned.

I hope that will be helpful 



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