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You have one of your demo products setup this way...


Is there a tutorial or more info anywhere so we can follow this workflow?


Hi Billie ,

I think a good start for you to understand the FPD designer is the through the youtube video. It's not specific to the poster but this can give you a better and general understanding. 

You can also download the downloading the ready made demos 

Hope that helps.



I watched the video, searched all of your forums and read every single FAQ topics but now where does it cover how to set-up FPD on a page. I ended up figuring it out anyway, if anyone woudl like to know, drop me a message. I also used some js to declutter and clean up the single product page so users can focus on design before placing the order.

Hi Billie ,

Glad to know you where able to figure it out. 

I will be interested in seeing how you product page look as you mentioned.

Do you mind sharing some screenshots


Sure thing.. I was actually making some the other day for our help desk.. please see attached zip file.



Help.zip Help.zip
902 KB

The design look's good an really differentiates your customiser from the stock FPD customiser.

I have also done some layout customization in the past and i think FPD is very flexible especially as the version increases.

You can see some of my work here the site is is Chinese but you can easily go though it 



WOW.. stunning. Its hard to believe its still Fancy Product Designer.

Keep up the great work my friend.. you should be proud of that!


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