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Color palette visibility

Hi there. Would it be possible to have all the colours pop up when you click on the product in the designer? My cards are available in ten colours, but when a customer clicks on the product and the colour palette opens, it only displays the first colour. They then have to click on that first colour to reveal the other colour options. A few people have mentioned that when that initial single colour appears it is hard to notice. Kind regards N A Preston


Therefore I recommend to use the plus addon. http://fancyproductdesigner.com/product/shirt-plus/

Hello dear FPD-team,

We'd like to reach the same goal, but for various elements.

Therefore, we want the color palette to be opened when clicking on an element and not the current color, where the user has to click again.

When they choose a color from the color palette, the color palette should immediately be closed. Otherwise, the user has to click on the little "Menu" button or beside the color palette, which is confusing.

How can we make that happen? We collected a lot of data which proves to us, that this change is significant (mobile/smartphones).



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