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Design Categories/subcategories

o I was playing around with Design categories and made two of them a subcategory by dragging them to the parent category I wanted them under.  Once I did that they were no longer visible from the designer "Choose A Design", not even the parent category.  Once I dragged the child categories out and made them main categories again they were all visible in the designer

Below is what im referring to.  Once they are setup like this all categories disappear from designer.


Once I put them back, they all then show up in the designer:



Thanks for bringing this up, I'll ask the developer to look into it.

Just to keep this updated in case anyone is interested.  According to the developer this is working as intended. "In that case using subcategories is pointless- the subcategories should be top level categories. If multiple top level categories with or without sub categories are used that will work fine."

Personally I don't think it should matter.  This is the only program I have run into that works this way.  Any other program I have used for anything if I only have one main category and drop stuff to subcategories it still shows.  That is the standard.  The way FPD is working for Categories is not standard across web apps.

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