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When clicking "add to cart" it fades out and never ends up in cart. I have tried everything i can think of 

I am using FPD 3.7.1 and WooCommerce 3.3.4 URL https://srs-consulting.net/product/company-t-shirts/

Have you tried enabling the Jquery no conflict mode? It will probably be better to ask that to their support team.



One thing you could also check is the possibility of some MODSec rules being triggered.

Bahati: My setting looks exacly the same as you are showing :-(

David: Honestly I do not even know where to begin with MODSec. Doing little research about it but at the moment still lost  


Hey Stephen,

Yeah  for MODSec you would have to check with your hosting provider and have them check the logs.  Generally as a customer you would not have access to MODSec other than to maybe enable or disable it.

I'm a hosting provider for our customer so I was able to check it once Radykal mentioned it.  MODSec is great but it does not always play well with web apps.  It may not be your specific issue but I would recommend at least having your hosting guys check it.

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