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I have noticed from earlier posts that there was problems with SVG export of orders

We have been printing for years using DTG, Digital Print (Versacamm), and CAD CUT Flex, flock etc

It is absolutely essential for us to be able to export a product that has been designed by a user in vector format so we can open this is Adobe Illustrator. This includes and images or clip art that the user adds to any text. We know the photos, images will not themselves be vectors but it is very important for us to open the exported SVG file in Illustrator and to be able to see a high quality version of any added image.  This is so we can put a cut line around it so we can print and cut the image, photo or clip-art part of it on our versacamm.  We can then cut the test using cutting master 4 for illustrator using our Graphtec

Is this doable?

Because if it is not can someone explain to me how you get any clip art or images uploaded and how do you process them 


This is what is needed, but I cant get access to the Admin Solution?? Not sure what this is but it would have always been fundamental that all editable layers remained editable (vectors), and fonts are embedded and images and clip art are on separate layers


This looks like a solution to requests I have found on these forums from 3 years ago


One more question? I take it that the above solution will be editable in Adobe Illustrator and the text and shape layers will be in vector format?

High quality is not always needed as we just need a file that we can use to create the graphics for a t-shirt from. Test for example would be cut separate on our CAD Cutter and images would be have to be processed in Illustrator so we can put a cut line around them and print on a different machine



Yes you can export SVG and edit them in Adobe. But if you want to test the plugin and export an order as SVG, check out the admin demo: http://demo.fancyproductdesigner.com/

I have tested it, and it doesnt work. You can only export SVG to the browser, in which case the whole thing displays, t-shirt, text and image or clipart but if you open that file in Adobe Illustrator 2018, only the text is there, which is editable but the clip arts, images are not. Which means that the printer doesnt have any uploaded images to work with

I have been through about 8 of these plugins and this one works the best apart from the fact that, after an order in Woo., we need to be able to download the images, clip arts and order summary in at least the same quality as originally uploaded.

So currently if I create a t-shirt with a photo, a clip art and some text, I have to SVG export for the text, then export PDF for the image, but the image is low quality so then cant be sent to my printer. Its a screenshot from the PDF

I have found a plugin, that to be fair looks awful and hasnt a great deal of functionality, however, in the order screen of WooCommerce, you can download the zipped package, containing a .dxf, .svg, .pdf, and full sized image upload, a readme file explaining what to do with them and pdf summary of the order including images just for reference.

So we get editable text and clip-art in the PDF and full size uploaded images and a picture of the order. Its easy for me as a printer to then recreate the order. I cut the text using a CAD Cutter, put a cut line around the photo and print and cut using a Digital Printer and cutter and then do the same to the clip-art.  Put the three separate pieces on the heat press and fix them to the shirt :}

PS, editing the clip art is assuming that we have uploaded vector clip-art rather than raster, which we always would do

I havent actually been able to get you improved admin section for some reason, I can access the older one at codecanyon and it states that there is an improved one. Just forwards me to a login on the main site??


Ok I have managed to get the old admin area, and download the files, but i really need to add an order from your product demo for a t-shirt, with an image, text, clipart design so I can see what I get on the back-end

My only concern now is 

1. can I upload vector clip arts (designs) to the admin section?

2. In the admin section, do we get the full size (uploaded size), image or photo?

3. Can we set minimum photo, image size in admin?

This is what i am trying to find out. Could support answer this please? It would be useful if someone could attach the files that are available/produced in the admin section as we cant get access to these files in the online demo.

Any one from Admin care to respond please??

1. can I upload vector clip arts (designs) to the admin section?

-> yes, you can. 

2. In the admin section, do we get the full size (uploaded size), image or photo?

-> yes, you do. 

3. Can we set minimum photo, image size in admin?

-> yes, you can. 

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