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Curved text

Something is seriously wrong with the curved text, you can't do anything with it since the last update, please fix this as soon as posible. You can creat curved texts but when the costumer wants to change, it fucks up totally


We are releasing a new update in 1-2 days, this will also include the latest fabricJS version. This might fix the issue.

I have the same issue.  Please help. 

Hello, since last upldate 3.7.5 i've the same issue, on frontend users can't change the curved texts...
Thanks for your help


Nope it doesnt work

We are experiencing the same issue. In the latest version and still no luck! Please fix this, we rely heavily on curved text for majority of our products.

I have the latest version 3.7.91 and still the curved text is not working in the frontend. Can you give us feedback  please, as it is a very important function for our business

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