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Text Position for Aligned Left/Right Text


In the latest version I see you can now edit the text via text inputs which is a great addition.

When testing on the demo business card I noticed that as you add text to the Jane Doe field the left hand side stays fixed and the box grows to the right


But on other demos if you have range left text and add more text the area grows to the left and right as you type almost as though it thinks is centred text.

Here for example:


If you make the default text range left and then add extra text the box grows to the left and right.

Is there a setting somewhere so range left and right text only grows to one side?

This would be very helpful as our customers are struggling to align everything after they edit the text.

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That's done simply by setting the text alignment to left:



Many thanks for the info.

I was missing theĀ "originX":"left" and they were defaulting to center.

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