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Pricing Rules: furniture business - usefull?

Hi there,

We are a furniture business and I want to let customers select their wishes on a table like;

Measurements (f.e. 200x100 cm, 220x100 cm)
Finish (f.e. oil finish, lacquer finish)
Type of legs (f.e. metal legs)

Coating of legs (f.e. black coating)

On these attributes, there are multiple options. I want to set somewhere the price of those attributes so the webshop will calculate, depending on the customers' wishes, what the price will be. F.e. measurement 200x100 = 1000 euro, 220x100 cm = 1200 euro. Finish oil is 100 euro, finish lacquer is 150 euro.

Can I use the Pricing Rules add on for this purpose? At the demo I couldn't find out whether I could set those prices anywhere.

Hope to hear from you.



No you do not need this plugin, you can easily achieve that with a variable product. It seems your customers can only choose from two fixed options 200x100 and 220x100. Just create these has variation with the other attributes (finish, legs etc.) and set a custom price for every variation. 

You can even load a different product into the designer based on the selected variation, if you need that.

Hi Radykal,

Thank you for the quick reply.

There are not two fixed options, those were examples. In reality they can those from about 40 measurements, 4 finishes, 20 type of legs, 12 type of coatings of the legs. It'll make an extensive configurator with about +- 40.000 variables.That's why I asked you because I will en cannot set the prices of those 40.000 variables as you will understand ;-) 

That's why I wanted to know how to set the price of each variable on it's own so the plugin will calculate the price of some options together. 

I'm looking forward to your reply. 

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